You can add more photographs to your listing by clicking View your property then selecting 'Edit' alongside the property. There is a limit to the number of photographs which can be added with a free account. This limit can be raised by purchasing a Featured Property of Premium membership.
This depends on your contract with the estate agent. Some estate agents require you to pay their commission even if you find a buyer independently. Check your contract or check with your estate agent to see if this applies to you.
The House Cloud is intended for the use of private sellers. At the moment, we only allow a single listing per account. Please contact us if you have a special reason to list multiple properties.
To contact a seller, you need to be a registered member. You will see a form on the left hand side of the property listing page. Note that you won't be able to contact the owners of new properties listed under free account holder until one week after listing. If you would like to contact the owner before this time, please register for an Early Bird or Premium account to get unlimited access to all our new listings before they go public.
To list a property you must be a logged in as a registered member. You can then visit the My Property page to list your property. Currently, we only allow a single active listing per user. You can mark a property as sold, then list a new property for sale. If you have a particular reason to list more than one property, please contact us and we may be able to accommodate you.
You can contact us by clicking here, and we will endeavour to answer your query personally.
No. The House Cloud is not an estate agent, it is a listings site for people who want to sell their property privately. All the photos and descriptions that you see on this site have been written by sellers, and we can't vouch for their accuracy.
The House Cloud is a free-to-use property website. It connects buyers and sellers and cuts out the middlemen, and could save users thousands of pounds in agent fees.