Why sell through The House Cloud?

Our philosophy is simple: the internet makes sharing information cheap – listing property online should be too.

1. It’s free!

Yes, it really is. We think that compares quite well with the major property portals.

Why? Here at The House Cloud, we believe that the internet is changing the housing market as we know it.

Before, finding or advertising a house for sale was difficult. Estate agents relied on a high street presence and local contacts to put buyers in touch with sellers. It was labour intensive and expensive, and ultimately that means higher fees for the consumer.

The internet is revolutionising the sharing of information. Property listing websites have made it easier than ever to find houses for sale, but the market is dominated by a handful of self-appointed gate-keepers to the internet, monopolising access to the leading property websites and charging huge fees in the process. Their fee structures also penalise small independent estate agents: because agents are charged per branch, the smaller the agency the higher the fee per listing. Other portals lock in agents with five year fixed contracts. In 2016, Rightmove made pre-tax profits of £161,550,000, on a turnover of £219.99m.

Is it really justified to charge hundreds or even thousands of pounds to list a property on a website?

We don’t think so. That’s why listing your property on The House Cloud is free, from the start of the process all the way to finding a buyer.

Whether you’re a private seller or an agent, finding buyers through the House Cloud can save hundreds or thousands of pounds in fees.  Join the revolution today, and list your property for sale.

Save money, increase your exposure & find potential buyers, you’ve got nothing to lose.


2. Extra exposure with a Featured Property account

If you’d like to increase the exposure your property gets on our site, have a look at the Featured Property Seller account.  This account costs just 4 pounds a month.

Featured properties are always returned at the top of search results.  You can add more photographs to really show off your property, and featured properties are immediately visible to all buyers (free property listings are listed five days after submission).